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Mark Amato

Mark Amato is one of the most respected professional musicians in Australia.

Having been involved in the local Australian music seen since he was a teenager, Mark has performed with many respected musical talents from Australia and abroad. (please refer to Bio)

He has worked extensively overseas in Europe, South Africa, many parts of Asia, The South Pacific and New Zealand.

If there is musical content on Australian TV programs, the chance that Mark is somehow involved is high.

(please refer to Television)

Mark Amato held the prestigious role as Musical Director on GMA (Good Morning Australia) (1992-2005) for the last two years of the shows duration where he not only contributed to the show on a musical level but was also used for numerous feature stories and day-to-day banter with the host Bert Newton.

He's current Television role sees him as the Musical Director of the Australian version of The Voice Kids.

He is just as comfortable in front of the camera as in the studio or performing to a live audience.

In the studio: produces, composes and arranges music for film, television and many artist recordings

Live: from Stadium/Arenas to small bars

Mark is currently touring with various artists while playing locally when he is in town.

In the studio there are always exciting projects.

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